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Our mission is to deliver premium-grade flower via our innovative, cost-efficient process while serving as a trusted parter to cannabis-based businesses. 

Why Hemp Hollow Processing?

Cutting-Edge Processing

Hemp Hollow Processing infuses precision, speed, and affordability into the foundation of its operations. Carefully designed, tested, and executed over the past four years, its production line delivers premium-grade cannabis flower at scale. Hemp Hollow trims both wet and dry material tighter, faster, and cheaper than processing in-house, alleviating a key bottleneck hindering farmers.

Your Trusted Partner

Hemp Hollow Processing is the oldest and most established business of its kind in the region servicing cannabis-based business owners in Vermont, Massachusets & New York State. Hemp Hollow is your trusted partner, providing stability and reliability in an industry full of uncertainty.

Experienced Leadership

The leadership team at Hemp Hollow has a proven track record in delivering innovative, cost-efficient processing solutions and has made significant contributions across the industry. Leveraging knowledge gained from years of hands-on experience, the firm has successfully produced thousands of pounds of retail-grade, smokeable flower and plays an active role leading and speaking at industry organizations.

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