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Hemp Hollow’s cutting-edge process preserves bud density, minimizes loss, and yields a purer product. Our bucking services offer damage-free de-stemming of both dried or freshly harvested plants with a machine throughput up to  175lbs per hour. 


A tight trim job is essential to selling premium flower in a crowded marketplace. Hemp Hollow trims tighter, faster, and cheaper than processing in-house. Our fleet of trimmers can process both wet and dry material, expertly balancing precision and speed while minimizing loss of product. 



Our consulting team at Hemp Hollow has extensive knowledge of the cannabis value chain, from seed to sale. We are proud to serve hemp-based businesses in any stage of the cannabis value chain including genetics procurement, testing, post-harvest quality control, and sales. 

Hemp Hollow Processing will work with you to identify untapped opportunities, provide solutions to complex challenges, connect you with other potential partners and provide guidance for success in the cannabis cultivation industry.

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